Our client list includes businesses and organizations from around the world. below is a sample selection of industries we serve and clients we work with. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing a more complete client list or more details on the work we have done.
London Fashion Workrooms

  Description: London Fashion Workrooms is a company that does clothing alterations for a number of large department stores. They needed a work management system that would allow them to manage and fulfill orders coming in from vendors in multiple locations. After successfully creating the initial application, we are now building a customer interface which will feature web order tracking and email & SMS notifications.

Features: Intricate Validations implemented in the Form, Management and assignment of work, Monitoring of Shop Floor activity, Tracking of time taken by each tailor, email and SMS notifications, Fully searchable system, Quality control, delivery, invoicing and payment processing system, Manage Employees, their work schedules, Product categories, Customer information, pricing, System Access, History and activity reports. Allow access to Status for items Time taken to complete tasks, Quality control checks, Revenue generated, Invoicing and Reporting

Coding: ASP, SQL

Trace International

  Description: TRACE International is a non-profit organization that provides anti-bribery support to companies all over the world.  TRACE had a website when they approached C-Cube.  What they were looking for was a more sophisticated set of administrative controls as well as new training & resource modules.  C-Cube overhauled their back end and helped them provide their members with more resources and services.

Features: Manage Questionnaire information, Resource Center elements and Training Module

Dear Friend

  Description: Dear Friend is a community site where users can post and respond to problems in their lives.

Features: SQL server, stored Procedures to fetch the data, Fulltext search, Ad - rotator, paginator, rate this answer, RSS feed, remember login on PC by session cookies, Schedule script for auto-moderator module, Moderator can post or reject the questions/answers submitted by users, Google adsense, Add ads to site through control panel, Keep data on no. of clicks, Control position of ads, including Google Adsense ads, on site through control panel, Entire site contents through control panel, Login avtars and screen names, create categories on the fly, coding done for search engines

Coding: ASP/MS SQL
Dish Network Affiliate

  Description: Dish Network is a large provider of satellite TV and audio programming to households and businesses in the US.  We are currently supporting Dish network affiliates in acquiring and servicing new Dish network customers.  C-Cube did entire System analysis, requirement information, system design and development.

Features: User: Registration, select services, order, payment, create and update profile, subscription of newsletter Affiliate: Registration, individual website, track commission, generate orders for sub-affiliates, daily/monthly information on banner clicks, order and payment. Admin: Manage customers, affiliates and their websites, create product category, promotions, content tools, newletters

Real Estate

  Description: Direct2villa manages rental property in France. They were looking for an online booking solution to streamline their business. C-Cube did the system analysis, design and development of the site and booking solution.

Features: Inquire/book/check availability of property, management of rent, inquiries and feedback, content management, coordination with service manager.

Coding: ASP/Access
Onevision Centers
  Description: Onevision is the fastest growing LASIK practice in the NY-NJ-CT area. They came to us with the goal of creating a compelling website and building a strong online presence. We have helped onevision increase their online leads by 400% in the last year. Onevision has been able to effectively stay connected with their patients through the deployment of a monthly eNewsletter and other email marketing campaigns. As a result they have seen their patient referrals increase on a monthly basis.

Features: Customer inquiry database, Candidate survey, Email list management, Affiliate program, eNewsletters, Manage online marketing budget, Adwords, SEO

Coding: ASP/Access/Flash/HTML


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