C-Cube was started in 1998 as a learning center offering classes in software and web development to students in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat. We then made the natural transition to doing development work, and since 2005, have done challenging and noteworthy work for clients in the US, UK and India.

In the past few years we have developed a wide range of desktop and web applications for small and medium businesses - ERP modules, Livestock Managment Systems, Rental Property Management, Work Flow and Scheduling Systems, Community Sites and e-Commerce Sites.

We now have a portfolio of domain knowledge. And our strength lies in understanding the business logic in any field, which is the core of successful development.

We are a small company, and we believe that small is beautiful. We want to provide our clients with the expertise they need, at a price they can afford.
  We like tough, complex problems - , and more so, we enjoy solving them. We want to help you with the business challenges you face, and work with you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Our Philosophy: Hard work with sincerity and integrity; team work with communication and trust

Our Objective: To forge long-term relationships with our clients based on transparency and commitment

Our Yardstick: Client loyalty
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small is beautiful....

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